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Traveling safely with pets is a milestone that all pet owners aim to achieve whenever they need to leave home, especially my friend over at , this article is for you.Whether relocating or simply leaving town for a few days, family pets make good company and a source of comfort.

Tips for traveling with a pet

Unlike humans, felines and canines require a little bit more care when traveling. Their needs may differ from animal to animal and it is up to owners to cater to them. When on the road with your pet, one requires to:

Acquire a crate or carrier

Pets are to be confined in the carriers while driving to avoid unnecessary movements which would otherwise be a great distraction to the driver.

Pack food and water

Unless your pet is familiar with the destination, it is advisable to always pack food and water for the furry friend. The quantities vary based on the time of stay and availability of that particular food type. Changing drinking water could upset the animal’s tummy making it a rather unpleasant experience. Feeding the pet while traveling is not advised. The owner is to feed the pet light successive meals before traveling.

Take a pit stop

Taking pit stops reduces the fatigue levels for both you and your pet. It also provides time for the long-waited bathroom break and an opportunity for a fuel and food refill. Who knows what one may find. As they say, life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.

Secure the sitting area

For some dogs, their body size may make it difficult to fit them in a carrier. Therefore, the owner opts to place them on the seat instead. This calls for waterproof seat covers and floor mats to protect the seats. The pets are to sit at the back, and the windows rolled up so that they cannot peep or jump out of the window.

Carry vaccination certificates

Authorities may request to see rabies vaccination documents and any other relevant documents as clearance especially if you are crossing borders.

Acquire pet-friendly accommodation

Earlier inquiries are to be made in case one is going to stay in a hotel just to make sure that pets are allowed on the premises. Offering outdoor spaces to pets is also recommended, as they love to explore.

Always carry a favorite toy, blanket or sleeping bed to help the pet settle into the new environment with ease. If possible, surround the pet with familiar faces which reduces cases of running away or panicking.

Public road transportation means often restricts pets on board. However, an exception has been made for guide dogs and assistance animals. All the same, an assistance animal pass is to be provided, indicating that the animal is trained to aid you in your disability. If traveling with your pet is not possible for credible reasons, one can take the pet to a boarding kennel or hire a pet sitter to look after.  

When is the Best Time to Visit Orlando-Walt Disney World?

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When planning a family vacation or trip to Orlando, Florida, you want to make sure you’re visiting at the right time of the year. Of course, this depends on your individual preferences. If you didn’t know, Orlando is one of those American cities you don’t just wake up and start your trip. You must get to understand what it takes to have the best theme park experience in Orlando. 

Visitors are usually advised to buy tickets online in advance to save on time and money. You just can’t start planning for your stay in Orlando after arriving. With prior planning, you won’t have to spend a lot of time in line trying to purchase passes. It’s not uncommon for first-time visitors and even seasoned travelers to wonder about the best time to plan for their Orlando vacation. Here’s what you need to know:

Weather in Orlando-Walt Disney World

There’s a reason why Orlando, Florida is often referred to as the sunshine state. The City experiences an abundance of sunshine though it can be extremely humid, as well. As mentioned, you should always consider booking your flight and accommodation in advance, no matter the time of year you’re visiting. 

From December to February, during winter, the city’s top attractions receive huge crowds. Be sure to arrive early to major theme parks if you’re coming during the holidays. Temperatures are usually in the low 70s during the day and may drop to the high 40s in the evening. 

From March to May, during spring, visitors get to enjoy lower airfare and hotel rates and encounter superb weather. Don’t expect huge crowds at theme parks for most part of the season. Average temperatures at this time hover in the high 50s to high 80s. It’s perhaps the best time of the year to visit. There are a number of events and festivals happening in Orlando in spring, so plan accordingly.

From June to August, Orlando tends to become pricey and uncomfortable since kids are on summer holidays. Average temperatures hover between low 70s and low 90s with high humidity. Apply sunscreen frequently and drink plenty of water if you come at this time. Orlando experiences occasional hurricanes in these months as well. 

From September to November, Orlando tends to experience hurricanes which means visiting at this time can risky. It’s recommended your go for refundable hotels and flights. Average temperatures are somewhere in the high 50s and high 80s. Hotel and airfare rates dip between winter and summer. You might still want to visit and be part of the Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort, Orlando Come Out with Pride in October, or the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival at Walt Disney World Resort. 

So, When Should you Visit?

Well, Orlando’s temperate climate makes it possible for most attractions to remain open throughout the year, with the exception of a few. Huge crowds are usually experienced during the summer vacation, spring break, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holidays. Visiting Orlando at any of these times can be pricey. If you’re looking for agreeable prices on accommodation and travel and the most pleasant weather then consider visiting from March to May.